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Standing Stone Alliances

Standing Stone has formed essential partnerships and alliances that strengthen and enhance our portfolio of services and set us apart from otherwise similar marketing agencies:

  • CMM Group
  • Integré Advertising
  • QuickCompliance / how stuff works Enhanced Learning
  • StayWell/MediMedia USA
CMM Group
CMM Group is the nationally recognized thought leader in Customer Message Management®. Standing Stone is the exclusive licensee of CMM, a proven methodology for brand message development and sales and marketing effectiveness. Learn more >

Integré Advertising
Standing Stone has developed a strategic alliance with Integré Advertising, a leading full-service creative advertising agency based in the Midwest. Founded in 1986, Integré has a long history of dynamic creativity and innovation across a breadth of marketing channels and is experienced in virtually all aspects of design, production and marketing.

QuickCompliance / how stuff works Enhanced Learning
Standing Stone has initiated a strategic relationship with QuickCompliance / hsw Enhanced Learning, an innovative developer of next generation learning solutions for online, mobile and classroom channels. QuickCompliance / hsw Enhanced Learning is expert in creating and delivering powerful e-learning course programs, blended methodology, and turnkey broad-scale performance support systems.

StayWell/MediMedia USA
Standing Stone has formed a strategic partnership with StayWell/MediMedia USA, a leading provider of healthcare communication, education materials and services with a reputation for quality and innovative products. StayWell/ MediMedia USA’s businesses create and distribute healthcare information to practitioners, patients, the pharmaceutical market, and the entire healthcare community. StayWell, a wholly owned subsidiary of MediMedia USA, provides the best-known brands in healthcare communications to both patients and medical professionals.






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